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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Suzuki update-

The good news- the long awaited carburetor pilots jets should finally be ready for pickup at the Suzuki dealer. Since they didn't arrive bfore the weekend, I've been waiting somewhat impatiently. The replacement windshield, hopefully with mounting brackets, from Bike Bandit should also be on my step awaiting my arrival at the palatial Wasted Electrons World Headquarters and guitar studio.

The bad news- the BSU has an optometrist appointment today at 4PM. Then there will be some kind of dinner obligation and after that I have to return Son Noah to Logan, a 90 mile round trip. All this meaning I won't get carburetors rebuilt or reinstalled tonight and the windshield probably won't get installed either.

And its going to be 70 degrees and sunny tomorrow! Hooverdamm I'm getting anxious to make this beast work!

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